Public Meetings & Speakers about Ragged Mountain & Regional Sustainability

Audio recordings of Ragged Mountain windpower related meetings hearings and presentations that took place in 2010 in Camden and Rockport in 2010 & 2011. These include the successful 2010 struggle against building windturbines on Ragged Mountain.


March 2, 2011. Camden Planning Board discusses proposed windpower ordinance. 17 minutes. (two meeting excerpts)

January 19, 2011 Camden town attorney William Kelly describes windpower ordinance issues to Camden Planning board and Select board. (40 minutes)

October 26, 2010. Camden shelves Ragged Mountain windturbine plan. A one hour podcast of two windmill-related portions of the October 26, 2010 meeting of the Camden Select Board - the town's governing body. Friends of Ragged Mountain gives an update on their progress in informing the public of the issues that other Maine communities have faced with windmills, followed by a review of four candidates for membership on Camden member of the "Ragged Mountain Wind Work Group" Then seeing nothing but opponents of the proposal as candidates in Camden and in Rockport and Hope, the Camden Selectboard voted unanimously on a motion to shelve the Ragged Mountain plan indefinitely and focus on other energy improvements.

October 14, 2010. Jonathan Carter, Art & Cheryl Lindgren speak at Camden Library. On October 14, 2010, the Camden Public library sponsored a talk & presentation on Maine windpower issues. Following introductions by Camden Library staff Ken Gross, and Friends of Ragged Mountain spokes person Dorie Klein, Jonathan Carter of the Forest Ecology Network gave this presentation on Maine windpower issues at the Camden Public Library. In photo, Carter and Cheryl Lindgren listen to Art Lindgren of Fox Island Wind Neighbors speaking at event

October 12, 2010, Rockport Selectboard. On October 12, 2010 the Rockport Selectboard heard presentations in support of the Ragged Mountain wind plan by two members of the Camden Energy Committee, Des Fitzgerald and Rick Knowlton, concerning the proposed three town Windpower Task Group. Several of the Selectboard members disparage windpower relative to scenic resources, but finally the board votes unanimously to opt in - to have a say in whatever Ragged Mtn Wind Group is coming about. The town is seeking applicants to become their representatives.

September 13, 2010. Residents & Friends speak out at Rockport meeting On September 13th the town of Rockport's Selectboard considered a letter it had gotten from the town of Camden town manager suggesting Rockport join with Camden and Hope in a three town Ragged Mountain wind workgroup. Listen below to Rockport officials and residents of Rockport and Camden discussing the proposal Because of misgivings over the pace and direction of the proposed workgroup, the town of Rockport declined to join such workgroup by the October 13th deadline suggested by the Camden town clerk. Instead, after hearing strong opposition to theplan from Rockport residents and Camden residents, the Rockport Selectboard decided to defer any action on the proposal until it assessed community interest and learned more about the controversial plan from all sides. The town will revisit the issue in late October or early November.

September 7, 2010. Friends of Ragged Mountain speaks out at Camden Selectboard mtg. Camden's Town Hall was filled to overflowing September 7th as members of the newly-formed Friends of Ragged Mountain turn out in force to show and express the widespread displeasure and opposition that a proposal to site windmills on one of the Camden Hills is getting from area residents.